About Us


We at Anna’s Place desire to share the flame of God’s abiding love with the people of Chester by nurturing trusting relationships.

The Sisters, along with a supportive community of companions and volunteers, opened Anna’s Place in Chester, Pennsylvania in 2009, in honor of the memory of Anna Bachman.

We at Anna’s Place wish to extend the richness of life to all we meet in the city of Chester.

We at Anna’s Place desire to give voice to the voiceless, dignity to the oppressed and safety to those who are vulnerable.

We at Anna’s Place desire to attend carefully, respond courageously and walk forward, accompanying the people in the city of Chester as they strive to reach their full potential.


In March 2020, we began to provide bags of groceries, toiletries and needed items for our guests on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although we hope to soon return to our normal offerings of classes, bingo and Thursday lunches, until our dear guests are no longer needing the “emergency” supplies, we will continue. It is because of the goodness of so many who bless us with kind donations that we are able to help those in the greatest need. God has blessed us and we are blessed to have the privilege to help others!

2 thoughts on “About Us

    • Thank you so much for your kind offer. At this point, we are only using the sisters on staff to distribute and prepare food packages. We don’t want to ask anyone to come in when there is so much uncertainty about the Coronavirus. We appreciate your kindness and your generosity. Take care of yourself!

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